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What caught your eye? Was it my petite waist, or my pert derrière - did you think about how your hands would wrap all the way around me? Did you taste my plump, juicy lips when you dreamt of our encounter? Did you fall into the deep pools of my dark eyes? Are you a little bit lost in them? Do you find yourself intrigued by what secrets they might hold? Was it the softness of my skin, was it ambiguity of my heritage? (…We’ll get to that later). I am Chanel; pure hedonist, heavenly creature. I am here to take you from the mundanities of your every day to my mysterious, playful and ever thrilling world. I am the perfect part-time girlfriend. Nothing pleases me more than pleasing you. I love to tease, I love to watch, I love to play, and to explore all different kinds of sexuality - what fantasies do you have that you want to share with me? I revel in the chemistry that is created in the downtime - in the conversations, the getting-to-know-you, the subtle eye contact across the table, the hand on your thigh - the premise to the evening. Nothing turns me on like drawn out flirtations. I have a penchant for fine lingerie, luxurious attire.... and having it slowly stripped from me...


Age: 26
Sex: F
Nationality: European
Height: 5'5
Dress Size: 6
Hair Colour: Brunette
Eye Colour: Brown
Orientation: Straight
Languages: English


Location: South Kensington
Nearest Tube:
Email: contact@goldvipescort.co.uk
Phone: 07990335999
Source: https://www.goldvipescort.co.uk/girls/Chanel.html


Incall 1h: 500
Incall 2h: 800
Incall add 1h: 300
Incall Overnight: 2500
Outcall 1h: 500
Outcall 2h: 800
Outcall add 1h: 300
Outcall Overnight: 2500

Note: All the rates given are in pounds (£).